Of The Family

Hairy, Hairy, quite contrary
sat upon a stool.
Came the kindly wombat fairy
from the Fairy pool.
Said to Hairy, have a sherrie
makes the bowels loose,
Hairy thought it rather scary
maybe, too obtuse.

Hairy took a wife named Mary
fat she was and round
built a cosy, visionary
log home on the ground.

Home was small but Hairy loved it
'twas a sturdy log.
Found a lichen rug and shoved it
in to warm the frog.

Frog had been cast from his quarters
by his next of kin.
Sealed the wombat home with mortar
and they took him in.

Winter came and snow kept falling,
hibernate they did,
under Lichen there was balling
made another kid.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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