Of The New Democracy

It is all falling apart!

'What is? '


That's not what I think.'

And what is it that you 'think'?

'I see it beginning to reflect,
Everyone 'collectively'.
Especially those neglected.
Now we all get a taste,
Of the affects of waste...
One race of people have created.
They are falling apart, perhaps!
But the rest of us,
Are certainly coming together...
With the understanding,
That selective greed...
Eventually establishes a need,
We all can come to share! '

I didn't 'think' of it like that.

No one will think of it like that at all.
Since it will be a quality of life,
Be you black or white...
Brown or yellow,
With attitude and uptight!
We all will come to agree,
Feeding greed has to cease.
And that is the development...
Of the new democracy!

An economic togetherness.
In a socialistic unity.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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