(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Of Your Creation

There is very little about you left,
That can be respected.
Very little about your way of life,
Only you advantage without limitation...
Can say creates a teased sensation.
To feed your filth and gluttonous ways!
Those days have led to your disfavor!
And you honestly believe your treachery is admired?
That is 'your' sickness of approval,
That maintains your derangement the freedom to express.

Unfortunately you can not see yourself reflected in the mess.
This mess that distresses is of your creation.
You can not blame this on terrorists!
Not when you have spies monitoring the movement of flies...
Deny it and those too would be additional lies,
Your deceit is finding problems hiding!
While your own children deface sacred monuments.
Have they been given clues?
Just how false thoughts taught,
Do not one day become truths!

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