All This To You I Must Confess

Im laying on the floor again
Left bruised and broken with bleeding skin
Your dirty tears have graced my face
I've been left alone in this fucked up space

Im awakened by my wretched screams
This bloody mess, all my broken dreams
Have fallen to the dirt again
I'm lying in my lunch again
Betrayed by your carnal sin
Because of this i'll never win

My panties are found a block away
Wet and stained i'm your bloody prey
I wipe the blood from both my thighs
Eternal disgrace living in my eyes

I'm waiting for my soul to heal
A mending heart, i'll never feel
The mortification just too fucking real

This consuming rage begins to rise
Taking my mind on a lethal ride
No matter how far i push to hide
Somehow i know you'll never sympathize

I'll never feel anything again but pain
Because of you, I'll never feel the love again,
Sane again, the beauty of the rain again

I'm just a fucking tattered sight
To be a sovereign again i'll never win the fight
I'm just the world's decaying mess
All this to you i must confess

by Scythian Linn

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This is absolutely fabulous Rain Storm, thanks for the sunshine. Grinning deeply Tai