'Let Me Live, I Don'T Wanna Die...' (A Common Men's Plea To This World, Full Of Sarcasm)

'Maybe i am afraid

but couldn't recognize those fears,

don't know why I often start my day

with those erratic and invisible tears.

though sprouted,

but my dreams are big and aims high,

but before I about to quit...

I convince myself to give, at least a try.

But these winds of hatred are harsh,

they often blow dry,

it seems no one around wants me,

to touch my thoughtful sky.

I feel blue and i feel like cry,

but why should I always beg around, saying...

'let me live, i don't wanna die'

So what, I don't have wings,

I don't know how to fly,

still my inevitable being bears the courage

to stand part and justified.

I know the race is long

and those hurdles high,

but I believe in myself,

though its tough to imply.

Its all about keep moving

and not to stand by,

even this nature teach me to live,

then why shouldn't, I

I hope you understand life,

'coz it's not about 'You', it's not about 'I'

It's for the whole mankind,

who pleads each day with tearless eyes.

It's about cherishing life

and happiness to comply,

It's about letting lived

and not being died...'

-unboundmohit (c)

by Mohit Sharma

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