(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Offensive Enough To Censor

If truth as a factor had been introduced,
As a matter of fact...
Censorship would not exist.
Or the senselessness of it.
Politically correct or not,
Those adopting a proper etiquette...
Would be found foolish.
And their nonsense stopped

But the acceptance of hypocrites,
With divisions of religions...
Glorified by symbols and myths,
Are permitted to inflict conflicts.
With a doing that has left truth as a factor...
A 'thing' to perceive to avoid.
Leave suspicious.

If truth as a factor.
Had been introduced,
As a matter of fact...
Would delusions and confusions,
Be more protected to respect...
Than the effectiveness of reality,
Many do their best to reject.
And find so offensive enough to censor.

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