(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Offerings And Offsprings

She talked about my latest offerings
as if they had with eager little feet
rushed over to her Lazyboy Recliner
to climb up on her lap and talk so sweet
into allegedly well-educated ears
from where the spirits of my words
would travel by telepathy into her mind
there to be chopped and sorted into finer
and more accessible poetic nerds
but in the very end there would be fears
and trepidation of another kind,
while all this time she would surely forget
that all my little babies can be called offsprings
who might be happy if they saw and met
a proper critic who would come and tell me things.

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Comments (4)

I like this....it sort of reminds me of my writing....they're my babies too.
This really describes how I feel about each of my poems...my little children who finally grow up and allow themselves to be printed somewhere and hopefully they are tough enough to survive the critics. I love 'eger little feet.' Good job. Raynette
This is fabulous, Herbert. Although I've not read through your entire oeuvre, this one is among the best of yours' that I've read! I give it a 10 - because it has compelled me to do so.
Reminds me of Grandma taking care of the grandkids while the adults took off to party! I like this, Herbert. L