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Officer's Prayer
GMJ ( / Corsina, Texas, USA)

Officer's Prayer

Poem By Grace M. Jordan

Early in the morning the officer would pray,
"Help me, dear Jesus to lead someone to you today.
Let my life be a living example for you.
If not in my life, let my death bring others to you".
The gun shot was heard as it echoed through town,
As a bullet lodged within his chest, as he fell down.
God forgive me, he anxiously prayed,
As his blood flowed fast, right where he laid.
Bleak despair hung low for the officer, that day.
Yet he asked for the man, that had made him this way.
Last request was granted as the prisoner came into the room
The officer looking him square in the face,
Said, "You set your doom! You choose the place!
I forgive you for what you have done to me. Now I'm free.
Ask Jesus to forgive you. Where will you spend eternity"?
With his last breath, he uttered those words,
For those in the room, for years those words would be heard.
Till each gave their life to Jesus and He set them free.
Now in Heaven, all these men will be.

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