(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Officially Released(Colon Cleanse)

The complexities of life,
Only begin to cease to end...
When one has made a decision,
Quick and not to premeditate.
To walk away.
Doing this to accept,
Experiences and aging to get.
With a feeling,
Completely free...
Of having regrets to revisit.
With it unknown or expect,
How easy it is life to live...
Can get,
Once one removes...
All that has caused indigestion
And prolonged headaches,
Allowed to manifest and expect.

'You've been less quarrelsome.
Moody with attitude these days.
You on new medication? '

-That's almost funny.
But, no.
I've been officially released,
By a colon cleanse.
That has rejuvenated,
My spectrum.-

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It takes guts to come out with something this honest and clean, you can shoot me now. At any rate this makes me glad I went to see a doctor, another fine edition of your oeuver mister Pertillar