(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Open mouths. Closed ears.
Incoming info.
Blocked out to hear.

Nothing in these minds have shown,
An appetite for lessons taught.
Or to catch them caught.
With obtaining,
Beneficial knowledge to own.
Nothing in these minds possess,
A hunger that feeds...
Which steps taken leads to success.
Their minds have lost,
That connection to accept direction.

Protesting they do,
Their lack of being provided... Appropriate and adequate education.
Although few attend school.
Or are prepared for tests to get.
Rejecting the method and content,
Overheard to expect.
No questions are asked.
That would be too humiliating.

It's all about who wants to prove,
A knowing more than the teacher.
It's all about fools who choose,
To dedicate their lives...
To fast cash and sadness.
Finding out later,
After wasting time...
Their minds have been offline.
Downloaded to delete,
Any future to behold.
Offline from life.
And choosing substitutes,
To dilute reality.

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