(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Offshore Assets

If the health and welfare of the people are ignored,
As is!
At the expense of increasing entitlements few get.
With a defending of them no one can afford.
Although people are teased by the taste of it!

And everyone agrees,
Exorbitant expenditures have to be decreased.
At Who's interest is the continued squeezing,
Of the pockets from those already in need...

Those selected to be chosen to defend themselves?
Against the onslaught of reality others too blind to see?
And any exposure of this revealed,
Will become the biggest threat yet...
To those who have pocketed their illegal and hidden,
Offshore assets?
And hoping Batman will divert attention away,
From what is kept secretly protected?

'Oh humbug and fiddlesticks! '

Right scene.
Wrong season!

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