(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Often Heard To Be Asked

There are some who go nameless.
To carve through obstacles.
With a doing done to walk a path.
And then be criticized for it.
While others will be praised heroically.
For their bravery.
To walk down a path that has been paved.
Then celebrated for the risks they have taken.
The ones who had toiled.
Losing sleep, blood and their integrity.
Are often heard to be asked,
What it was they did to prepare.
For their historic yet forgotten,
Tasks long to have passed.
And those living to survive,
Will say it was the taste they still crave.
For cornbread, neckbones, black eye peas.
Collard greens with smoked hamhocks.
Peach cobbler, potato salad.
And brandy.
With a little raw honey in it.

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