(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Often Mistaken

Interest taken.
In what another does.
Is often mistakened,
As having that same interest.
Instead of someone expressing,
Their support to another to give.
And for whatever the reason,
A competition begins.
When the doing of this is unnecessary.
Since support to give with interest shown,
Would in most places...
Be accepted to not suspect.

There are some people who are shown an interest.
And support to give them with nothing in return,
From them to expect.
Live in environments in which,
Those ambitions with effort to endeavor...
Are thought done to receive attention.
And most likely discouraged,
By naysayers endorsing negative attitudes.
Making it difficult,
To express sincerity in anything they do.
And this can become tiresome.
As one's kept positivity takes more work,
To show it exposed than it ought to.
And believing one must compete to perceive this,
By those unaccustomed to hear it heard...
That an interest is given with support to show.
Is healthy for one's mindset.
This too becomes just too logical.
To eventually end,
The freedom to express process.
And only then it becomes realized,
That an interest one has to express to another...
Is what unity means and is all about.
But with some folks,
Talking the talk...
They can not walk it.
Familiar they are to belittle and demean.
And expressing interest in that to support.
With negativity done and shown to prove.
Is more valued to them.
Than a positive collective effort,
That expresses interest and support.
Someone who wishes this just to give.
Awakens to leave with sincerity.
And their mental stability intact.
Away from those to take back,
Any attempts to again express interest.
Not even mouth to mouth resuscitation,
Can bring what is dead is some heads...
To recognize the light of life.
Or logic representing common sense.

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