Poem By Michelle Tiddy

And, then there was just one..............
Just one, just me, resting
Upon that apple tree, just a
Spirit, just a sprite, the one
You look for every night
But then is gone, like the wind

That is me, this invisible thing
Just a nothingness, a vortex
That sucks you in, and spits you out
Pushing you to find your own wings..
I am simply just a dream
Trying to make you fly. oh my...

I am empty, you don't need me
I am tumbling on a wing that
You don't understand.. you don't see
You can't grasp this thing that is me
I understand, i don't blame, honestly
I would feel the same, if you wore my shoe

From me, to you.. a golden sigh
As I pluck the fruit, from the sky
A snippit of eternal pleasure, a measure
Of me and you; this thing we do..
We hate, and hurt, and blame, and shirk
We push and pull, scar and maim

I don't think, I'll ever be the same
And for that I'm thankful, ever
Eternally yours, baring the bruises
and the torment and the hurt.. because
Otherwise, I wouldn't have known you
And that, would be the ultimate sacrifice

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