BL (08/28/1959 / Texas)

'Oh Behold A King Still Reigns'

Behold our Lord on this Christmas day
For he is still alive and rules with honesty and passion
He is merciful and came to serve all
He came to die and sacrifice himself for our sins
He came to save all of mankind that would accept him

Yes behold this “King” shall reign eternally
Oh praise be unto his Holy name
Non that was nor those to come
Can outshine our precious Lord

No power that is formed against him shall prosper
He is destined to keep that which is his in his care
Unto himself for all eternity
Sin has no power over us anymore
He removed it far from us
He lovingly defends us daily in Heaven

Devil seek ye whom you may devour
But you shall never become KING
For Jesus alone shall forever hold that seat

Let us sing “Happy Birthday Mighty King”
Let us forever praise him and joyful songs
Let us unto him eternally sing
We love you and adore you our Mighty King!
©Copyright 2004 Becky LaPrarie

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