Oh Boston Boston

Boston, Boston, Boston
The Capital city of the state of Massachusetts
Boston is a fantastic city in the New England
region neighboring New Hampshire and Vermont to the North
Rhode Island and Connecticut to the south
and the state of New York to the west
Boston has a remarkable history
It was first settled by the Puritans
Coming from England
with short stay in Holland
Through the journey by ships
through the Atlantic ocean
They were seeking religious freedom
away from the strife in their home land
They made Boston their new home
They established very strict laws
and compulsory church attendance
They dominated this city
till the Irish in large numbers arrived
this few centuries later
the Italians soon joined among other groups
The face of the city have changed since then
It became more lovely and tolerant
Boston became the main and largest city
in New England region rivaling New York city
Boston a leading city within the original thirteen colonies
to first ignite the spark for protesting King George
No Taxation without presentation with their cry
They expressed their approval of taxation on tea
When three ships arrived from England carrying
Chests of tea cargo, they had quick response
Dump the tea into the ocean
Patriots dressing like red Indians board the ships
and did their deed
The news reached England and the king
Britain got alarmed and sent troops to punish
The British are coming The British are coming
This was the famous cry of Paul Revere riding on a horse
Alerting the patriot militias to be alert and ready
There were battles of Concord and Lexington
and the famous battle of Bunker Hill
What Britain realized after many lessons and casualties
that it will be a long struggle
They gave up about Boston and soon
there will be the famous Boston evacuation
of their British military troops
Such events sparked the call for total independence
George Washington led the fight
He was the commander of the Continental army
Appointed in the year 1775 to win victory for the
thirteen North American colonies
over the Great Britain army
In February 1783 the American Revolutionary War ended and Britain awards the United States independence.
Boston has many historic monuments, buildings and enjoyable places to visit
There is Faneuil Hall and the Paul Revere House
The Old North Church built in 1723
The Quincy Market and the Boston Harbor
Boston now is very modern city and exciting
It is famous with its universities and learning institutions
It has great museums to enjoy the visits
the Fine Arts, of Science and Natural History
to name just remarkable few
Boston has beautiful parks
the Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden
Near Boston is the lovely Cape Cod and Narragansett Park
Enjoy also a trip to Charles River and music Boston Pops celebration and fireworks at the fourth of July

by Sherif Monem

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