TDG (Feb.6,1994 / Denver City)

-oh Bradley-

You look at me,
my heart shatters on the floor
how could this be?
you said you love me once more?

if you dont really love me why say it?
i think its not true
but now I love you is bullshit
if its coming from you

and even as depression overcomes me
as it always has
i think of what used to be
and how time goes so fast

you know im overemotional
and take alot of things too seriously
but without you my life is dull
and i cut myself carelessly

i begin to think...if i cant have you
and you cant have me
i suppose theres nothing else i care about
so I watch my blood flow quietly..

i go deeper...why cant you love me
you say that you do, ..
I love you bradley
Why cant you love me too? ? ?

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