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Oh Bury Me There In A Hole In The Ground

Oh bury me there in a hole in the ground
Where earthworms are the only forms of life to be found
With only the gravediggers my burial to attend
The dead they are never in need of a friend

If the law would allow it of a coffin as such i would not be in need
But if not a very cheap pine box would do me indeed
Millions of people far better than i am in mass graves do lay
Murdered because they were different and buried without coffins and left to decay

Anything good or bad of my existence i do not wish to be said
Though few ever say anything bad of the dead
That the living we only criticize i do wonder why
Since i find this quite puzzling i will not deny

The more one thinks about life the more one comes to realize
That in the end our achievements amount to little this is not a surprise
So many feel so self important and lacking in humility
But of ego life's Reaper does set them free

With earth all around me and over my head
I will be of no use to anyone when i am dead
From life's cares and worries i will have found release
Just leave me with Nature for to rest in peace.

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