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Oh Captain, Thy Enemy Is Within!
(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

Oh Captain, Thy Enemy Is Within!

Poem By Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Oh Captain, Thy enemy is within!
Buck up then, our rank and file is thin;
’Twas peace-time; our soldiers o’er-slept awhile;
Beware; the enemy is but a mile!

Ye tried thy best so long, I can vouch tho’,
Thy strategies failed, ye better know;
Precious time is lost; Wake up great soldier!
Do or die Sir! But fly thy flag higher.

O brave Captain, thy foes look stronger;
The traitors shan’t mislead any longer;
The Cat is out of the bag; Truth bespeaks;
’Tis not too late; ’Tis not the war’s peak.

Ye did well; just muster up thy courage;
Protect us from the enemy’s barrage;
Things can’t go on like this; so buck up man;
Change strategies to succeed if you can.

Oh Captain! Where is thy magic-bullet?
Defeat can’t drain down a soldier’s gullet;
Check your rank and file; check ev’ry lane;
The Fifth Columnists are active again.

All thine efforts thus far will go awaste;
Much time has been lost but be not in haste;
Think deeply and peruse your own dear brain;
Throw ill-wills out/suspicions down the drain!

Know thine true foes from thine true friends who love;
And the Wolves in lamb-skins that stealth’ly move;
Trust no eaves-dropper’s lies which are but rife;
Trust those friends who truly wish you long life.

Know them that misled and confused thine ranks,
To attain their selfish aims without thanks;
And if need be, to organize a ‘coup’!
At the right time and to overthrow you.

O Captain! Our nation is in perils;
Think deeply and spot out the true devils,
Who try to ruin the lives of your men;
Thy arms are out of vogue and less modern.

May be, there could be a better way out,
Of the woods; to reduce their so-called clout;
See in thine mind’s-eye, the evil-men’s stunts;
Resort to punish them by measures blunt.

Time is scarce; the attack is imminent;
Refurbish thyself, lead the army bent,
To victory of Truth over Untruth;
The deserving should get their labor’s fruits.

Let success or defeat not be thine aim;
Do thy duty disciplined; take the blame;
Do thine job in the best possible way;
God does the rest with His magical say.

Now ’Tis war! Ye ought to look well afar;
Charge with thy battle-cry; thou art the Star!
Thou art a good Soldier but a better man;
Don’t give up yet; ye hath done well, Human.

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I was taking back to swash buckling days of old! I did enjoy this read. Well done! Patricia Gale