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Oh, Dani

Oh, Dani,
Five years is
not enough time
to forget your smile
and charm. When you
were little I would pick you
up and hold you. Your little arm
was around my neck. You were my
flesh and blood. When I came home from
work I would take your hands and you would
walk up
my legs and
do a summersault.
You wrote on my walls
with crayons. The picture
you made in the hall was there
for years. Why did I paint over it
then? I went to your school to look
at all the paintings. Yours was the best
one there. You corrected your mom's reading
at the
age of three.
You could have
been anything you
wanted to be. You were
mad when I took the training
wheels off your bike, but you needed
to learn about momentum and gravity.
Suddenly you were a teen and a challenge.
Your silly gifts were amazing. I missed the
you bought
me for Christmas
because it was chocolate
and you ate it when you got
angry at me. I will cherish the
little statue of 'The Worlds Greatest
Dad' that you gave me. I was proud of
the shelf I had made over the bathroom
door so I asked you to come and see what
I made in
The bathroom.
You said 'Oh dad,
Just flush it down.'
I blinked, and found
myself in a mountain park
giving you away to your true
love. You did well in your work,
but why did you have to go to Alaska?
I would have told you not to go if you had
You did
right when
you wore a helmet
on that motorcycle.
How could you have
foreseen the accident?
Now you are buried by the
tree. I will see you again soon,
when Jesus comes again in the clouds.
I will
meet you
in the air when
He opens up the graves
and we are all taken up.
I only need to blink.

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Lovely tribute to what will always be
This is a great memorial, Spock! Though it is deeply personal, I still feel a connection. She must have been a wonderful child.
I have three grown daughters, my heart breaks for you. I find it hard to even think about. Beautifully expressed
What a lovely tribute to this beautiful person and the beautiful memory that is yours to keep.
A lovely poem! Your word choices are good and help us to see her as a child, a teen, a woman. The form is interesting and unusual. Well done!
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