Oh! Death!


i'm afraid of death
i'm so scared
think about death make me mad
no, i'm afraid to die

to lay in the coffin alone
no, it sound so scary
mum, i'm afraid to die

i'm still young to die
i'm afraid of death

i'm afraid to be buried
it is dark in the grave
no, im afraid
i wish death is not exist

why must i die one day?
i'm afraid of death

Comments about Oh! Death!

At 18 it is very far away, immerse yourself with the living and fun loving, this will promote a long and happy life. The sadness expressed so simply is inevitable but so distant that you may be reassured that life is with the living, and to live is to live it well. Keep writing and watch for tenses and plurals and singulars.
Sad, just sad, do try to enjoy living, it`s far more fun, you wrote the poem very well though.

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