Oh Death

Oh death, you merciless master of the dark underground
Have you no conscious perimeter when you roll call?
Oh death, you heartless master of the great beyond
Does your job description involves making nice people fall?
Why do you always take the best and leave us grieving?
Your only job is to waste beautiful souls and break hearts
A part of our existence as man mortal by God's reckoning.

Oh death, thy cold and frail hands often takes our dearest
Maybe it's God's will to call home the very best amongst us
Taking them beyond the starry constellations for eternal rest
Where their souls will ride atop a beautiful golden horse
How long will you cause us pains for your selfish gains?
Most times you separate us from those we deeply love
Does it please you to silence us and pull hell's curtains?
Oh death, from us thy grey hands have taken a white dove.

by Ivan Brooks Sr

Comments (3)

Death is inevitable yet it; s role and function is not acceptable because we are often separated from those we love.. Why? A question you will never answer..silent master of the dark master...
Eternal nest is there near God where their souls will ride atop a beautiful golden horse. Death is a truth that allows a soul to renew. But death brings separation this gives pain. Still truth we all should accept. Amazing sharing is done here.10
How long shall you cause us pains for your selfish gains! A great poem. You may like to read my poem Death Shall Die. Well penned.