Life, Not An Easy Road

Life, not an easy road……
Confronted by sudden events
Then strain & bruise by taxes.
How the strong got so weak,
How the rich became so poor?
& befriend fear & agitations,

And then, who shall tell us how?
When we dreams more riches,
Wedlock become poisoned air,
When life bids pleasure &pain,
Disease, illness decree us doom,
& We give up all our treasures.

If we lie in a thousand dreams,
For life has crammed us full….,
We take up race to the finish,
Which creations nag & pain,
In winter night & summer day,
We shall endure another day.

A world to which we’re born,
When human craves giving up,
Chains to the thoughts of death,
& reckon life beyond the grave.
When our spirit pushes few miles,
We’ll learn grace & endurance.

by John G. Nelson

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