Oh! Departed Soul

Oh! Departed Soul,
Look behind a while,
How quicker the sighs consumed!
How sooner dried the tears!

How avaricious are the sons and daughters,
To feast heartily the carnal needs,
Upon the wealth you left behind,
Which you earned unscrupulously,
Being heedless to death and God.

It built the high walls of hatred,
Between brothers and sisters,
It made blood white and thin,
They fight as do the vultures,
To devour the putrid flesh,
From the skeleton of carcass.
While quarreling over the shares,
They often give indignant remarks,
On you who toiled a lot the life whole.

Oh! Departed Soul,
Now you might have realized,
That the worldly riches bear shame,
In the Glorious Court,
When heaped up not righteously,
And giving the posterity good men,
Is much better than hoarding
Gold and wealth, the cause of disruption

by Muhammad Shanazar

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