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Oh Devout Man As You Call Yourself

You go to your church on sunday and you worship God in song
Yet in war that's waged in your God's name you don't see any wrong
And for poor people misplaced by war you do not show empathy
And though you adore God you would not give home to a poor refugee.

With the Government's harsh policy on boat people you whole heartedly agree
And you a good God loving person seem to lack in humanity
And the almighty God you worship may not feel proud of you
For to the higher principle you seem anything but true.

Oh devout man as you call yourself the God to whom you pray
If he exist as you insist he does on your final judgement day
To you will say, you made a mockery of my teachings you cannot enter here
You may have praised me before human kind but my words you did not hear

You insulted my children my poor and homeless refugees
Those who risked their lives fleeing war in leaky boats across the dangerous seas
Like those in your Government that you supported whom I also turned away
Not all I welcome to my Kingdom though to me on Earth they pray.

You worship God on sunday but with you god not impressed
For you look down upon the poor the homeless and oppressed
And you support a Government who create refugees
The boat people made unwelcome here from Lands beyond the seas.

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