Oh Dreams! When Will You Come Back To Me?

I stand on the ground,
waiting in frustration,
for the bird that flew,
right from my heart,
to float in the air,
to return to me.
I just collapse on,
the ground, days and
days of waiting has
tired me much,
You still remain like
a meteor beyond,
the reach of a scientist,
carrying your fiery tail along
with you in the
black chart of night.
We still remain like,
astronauts who float,
in two different
directions, waiting to
complete our circle,
around the moon.

Every night disturbs my sleep,
to think of the day,
you evaded me and
went up to wander,
in the cloudless sky,
just like the water vapour,
that separates itself from
the vast ocean, that
nurtured it, groomed it
similar to he way,
a hen grooms her chick.
Even the view of,
the bold cliff,
reminds me of the day,
you walked by my side,
in the lawn on,
a cosy evening.

Every day is a struggle for me,
as i walk to various places,
to find you, if you're there,
lurking in a corner,
smiling at me, as if,
nothing had happened.
I search for your presence,
that leaves behind trails
of memories, that can
keep me sleeping peacefully,
on a bed as soft as hay,
during a night when,
stars don't blink their light,
that flows from their eyes like tears.
I follow you, to tell
you how much i,
longed to see you,
grown up to carry me,
by a golden chariot
to my most preferred destination.
Yet, in my nightmares,
you gaze at me,
from one corner,
until i yell at you,
'Oh dreams, when will you come back to me? '

by nithya raghavan

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