CH (23 December / New Zealand)

Oh, For A Man.

Oh, somewhere theres a man,
Of great proportions,
Who can make my knees buckle,
With his charm.

Oh, somewhere he waits,
Needing satisfaction,
That only having me,
Could ever bring.

He'll sweep me up in arms,
A paradise of heat,
Aching, pulsing pounding,
Delicious indulgence,
Of the most wicked kind.
Take me, good sir,
For I need to be,
Yours. Completely.

Oh, somewhere theres a man,
Of epic proportions,
Wanting to do nothing,
But satisfy my needs.

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Comments (2)

Interesting time you are going through Chelsea. This again is an excellent poem but be careful what you wish for. Sometimes its too easy to find yourself caught up only to realize there is so much more to being a woman than the ability to captivate a mans heart. That said, I hope you find someone so true before true frustration sets in or you become jaded. Some lucky lad is out there waiting.... just give him time to find you. Be well. tmj
As you so said that man so dicribed you a wholelove we find so few we wait and on the morrow prey tell your aspirations so dicribed, I wish I were the one for you..