Oh Glorious Morning

Chirp little bird, chirp,
Awake the misty morning
For his daily chore.

Shine O morning sun
To wake the sleeping hearers,
Their work awaits them.

Forge the page dear scribes
To prick the sleeping children,
Their hearts are but ripe.

My dear little ones,
Greet the morning with singing,
Roust the king from bed.

Arise ye nations
To bow before God on High,
Your time has but come.

Fanfare My trumpets,
Process the step of My path
And open “The Gate.”

Awaken all hearts,
I stand here now before thee
To finally commune.

Today on this day
I’ll show to all His Glory,
The “Prince of White; ” pure.

The Light of Heaven;
The Jewel of my Golden Crown,
I give unto thee,

My Son.


by ~~~ Leaven ~~~

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