A Poet's Prayer

I'm too weak to do all things right,
My deeds are as dark as the darkest night;
I crave to spill others' blood,
My wishes are foul, and my prayers are bad.

I wish others lack of luck,
I gossip behind their back,
And mock them when they can't see,
Yet I wouldn't want them to think ill of me!

Eternal Father, the time-honored Author of Truth,
Under whose control all things go smooth,
And who shuns those that think are good,
And supplies to all creatures drink and food.

Let me know myself as imperfect and blind,
And let me all your mercies find.
Let know you as omnipotent and good,
And accord me your grace despite my mood.

by Hannington Mumo

Comments (2)

Fine concept on life where we shouldn’t complain…a lesion for all human being… 10/10 Ms. Nivedita UK
Sweet, sir! reminds me of 'What is this life, so full of care! '!