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Oh God Help Me Please!

I was awake in the infinite cold
I looked around, I found no one
I stared at the dark grey sky...
I found myself in the middle of nowhere
Is it a nightmare? ! ? No, it isnt..It's real
What can I do? ? where can I go? ? ? ? ?
So I laid my head back down
And I raised my my hands and prayed
For forgivness I ever pray..
For forgivness I ever pray.....
Oh GOD forgive me..please forgive
I know am guilty..I know
I know am the worst..I really do
But ur Mercy has noo end
I am a prisoner, ur mercy will set me free
Oh GOD help me please
Then tears went down..
Tears of regret... or tears of fear? ? ?
I don't know but they just ran down my cheeks
Oh GOD help me please
Then suddenly, I found two roads appearing
But which to choose? ! I....... don't know
Oh GOD help me please
I go right? ? where I found ppl enjoying their lives
or I go left? ? where everything remains quiet
Where to go? ? ? I am puzzled
I cried soo deeply... am lost... am...
Oh GOD help me please
I was about to choose the left route
Then something inside me told me GO RIGHT GO RIGHT
I followed my senses and I went back
I don't know why.. but I felt that I'll find my lost soul
Oh GOD help me please
I closed my eyes and I held my arms... so terrified
I went right.....
SUDDENLY, , life smiled again and again
I found ppl caring and loving
ppl are sooo pure never commiting a single sin
always doing what's right..
I found myself.. I was lost
I love this life... it's where we please GOD
It's the straight route to heavens
I hope this life will exist ONE DAY
We just need to pray......

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