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Oh! God Our Help In Ages Past

Oh! God our help in ages past!
Where are you today?
We've looked for You in every church!
Have you gone away?
But wait! That shed up on the hill,
is ringing with great music.
There's praise and dance. A worship band,
We know you're there, we'll choose it.
We'll stay there for a year or five,
While elders preach and youngsters jive.
We'll help to spread your word abroad,
Knowing your spirit is still alive.
Oh God! You're calling us away,
To serve you in another way.
Town centre church is where we're needed,
To spread your word day after day.
Drama in the street with singing,
Intent on souls for Jesus winning.
Our prayers rise up like vortex spinning,
That You ! Oh Lord, will stop them sinning.
That they may know Lord Jesus,
As their Saviour and a friend,
And live for ever in heaven,
Mortal death is not the end.

by Clifford H. DeMeza

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