Oh How I Long For Thee!

A moment, a minute, a lifetime

Oh how I long for thee!

In the quiet places of my heart

And in the bustling streets of art

In verdant sunny gardens, while I walk

Through velvety nights, oh so dark

Oh how I long for thee!

To drink the wine of you lips,

Instead of mortal food

To be clay, caressed in your hands

And inhale your aroma, that would be good

While my fingers linger and rest

Oh how I long for thee!

When the mind ponders anew

What brings me to you

And my soul sings a song

That tells me how we belong

Oh how I long for thee!

by Anita Atina

Comments (4)

A most excellent, and very well crafted, Thank you for posting
Anita, what a wonderful poem filled with love and waiting. Loved the rhythm of this poem. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David
Nice writing Anita, longing for a love,10 for this Lynda xx
Lovely sentiments expressed here. Good poem. HG: -) xx