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Oh I Do Recall Felicity

Oh I do recall Felicity the darling of Geelong
And were I true bard I'd pen for her a worthy poem or song
And though I'm a mere poetaster I'll do the best I can
For to string a piece together for this lovely young woman.

How can one describe Felicity she doesn't stand very tall
But she looks very beautiful and beautiful is small
With short clipped dark hair and light blue eyes and a bright and cheery smile
Your typical young Aussie unstained by guilt or guile.

She's a real lady Felicity or so 'twould seem to me
And she will not embarrass you whilst in her company,
She's got everything to live for and she lead a happy life
And the man that she choose for husband will have got himself good wife.

Wish I were like Felicity but that could never be
As I was born a worrier and small things bother me
And we cannot change the way we are as I have grown to know
And if loneliness gets to your heart you'll ever live in woe.

Oh I do recall Felicity and the memory with me will stay
Of one I knew in Aussie Land forever and a day
I've got a picture of a lady etched in my memory
Dark hair, blue eyes and cheerful smile and that's Felicity.

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