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Oh, I Remember

Oh, I remember.

I remember when life was Easy.
When the only worry was missing recess.
When your friends were your friends
And no one judged you for them.

I remember a time when I was always Happy.
Happy with the choices I had made.
When my Grandma was still alive.
When my friends didn't try to kill themselves.

I remember ball games with Grandma
When she'd tell me to watch out for the Hop.
The viscous mess of cotton candy on my fingers
The sharp tang of her beer when she let me take a sip.

I remember trips to the Science Center.
The pulsing throngs of onlookers.
The dinosaurs who seemed so wondrous
Through the polarizing lens of naïveté.

I remember I was content
Not the feeling, but the Fact
That I once possessed it.
I remember when I lost it.

Oh, I remember.

by Logan Mathews

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