Oh Lady

Poem By Derek McCasland

Oh Lady show me
Show me how to lie,
Tell me to regroup,
And make another try.

Tell me that you care
Care for who I am
Lady shine upon me,
Upon the sham I am.

You should have lied
Lied in my face,
Brutal is your honesty,
And a Path so hard to trace.

The truth will set us free?
What the hell's it done for me?
Oh Lady let me rest...
Oh Lady let me be...

You shone upon my Path,
And teased away your Light,
Left to trek alone,
Through this unique plight.

So I do it without you.
Oh Lady you are gone,
So, I journey through this night...
'Till you meet me with the dawn.

Comments about Oh Lady

I really like a few of the lines in your poems. In this i like 'The truth will set us free? What the hell's it done for me? ' and i like the opening line of one your other poems: ' A surrealistic mist' i think it was.

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