Oh Little Girl

Oh little girl, my heart has a burden
for you;
we have so much in common, if only
you really knew.

I've heard about your' past, I know
the pain that you go through;
my heart cries out silently, for I
feel your' sorrow too.

If I could hold you for one moment,
and make your' tears cease to flow;
I would turn back time, to when you
laughed, and your' pain you did not know.

I see myself in your' eyes, I hear
me in your' voice;
I carry the same guilt as you do,
I blame myself for their choice.

You told me once, 'My Mommy hates me',
and I cried for three days straight;
for I know the pain that that entails,
how those words can devastate.

I feel so helpless as I watch you,
playing with my little girl;
for I know the shame you are filled
with, in your' shattered, little world.

If I could say one thing to you, it
would be, 'It's not your' fault';
but you, like me, would never believe,
that the ones to blame are the adults.

by Ruth warren

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good one ruth, i also wrote on the same..pleas read it..