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Oh Look At Him

Oh look at him the Company Director he has a constant smirk upon his face
Last year's Company profits after expenses 100 million at Company board meetings he takes pride of place
By his body guard he is always chauffeur driven one thing for sure is of hunger he won't die
He always has a plane at his disposal whenever he is in the mood to fly.

His children attend the most expensive private school they are born into the most privileged class
The meek one day will inherit the World is a prophecy that may not come to pass
Their teenage friends all from a privileged background 'tis with their own kind that they pal around
wealthy people never live in the slum suburb in such a place they are not to be found.

In a dark Laneway in the drear Slum Suburb in a disused Factory doorway with one blanket to keep warm
On a night of thundery rain and hail and lightning the teenager is sheltering from the storm
He left home to escape his abusive step dad he is so young just fourteen Winters old
He is too young to be a homeless street kid sleeping in a doorway in the wet and cold.

Oh look at him the Company Director chauffeur driven he sits in the back seat
On his face there is the smirk of smugness he is enamored in his own conceit
He feels proud that he is seen as so successful a life of luxury he and his wife and family enjoy
One thing for sure and that goes without saying it will not be of the hunger they will die.

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