DLW (8-12-1970 / Columbus, OH)

Oh Lord

Oh... Oh Lord,
have Your way with me.

I'm in so far that my knees are deep,
It is me I wish You to keep;
for my eyes are heavy,
and layden to sleep.
Help me sow in You to reap.
Oh...Lord, have mercy on me.

When my tears have fallen,
You've rescued me;
When my parents grew old,
You've guided me;
When my mind have failed,
You've given me knowledge;
I now am able to see.
Oh...Oh Lord,
have Your way with me.

Within your light,
I am drowned in shame;
Who can stand within your flame?
None, but You...Oh!
Who can take your name?
I fear Your presence, and
my flesh proclaims:

Holy! Holy!
Lord God, You are mighty!

It is delightful in Your glory.
I remain in Your shadow,
I absorb Your essence, and
go with your flow.
Oh Lord! Oh Lord!
With You I will go.

I fear Your nature,
to rob my existance;
but Your life without death,
is more than meaningless.
have Your way with me.

You test my obedience,
You shape my iniquities,
You've restored my being through...
confirming me.
I thank You for life once again.
Oh! Oh! Oh! ...Lord.

Columbus, Ohio 2003-2004

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