Oh Manhattan

Manhattan, Manhattan, Manhattan
Oh, Manhattan
The Skyscrapers, the blazing lights at night
The liberty statue island looking over with a lady raising torch
Manhattan with its famous lanmarks, avenues and streets
The Broadway, the Madison, the fifth and Park avenues
The 34th St strolling, snacking and shopping
From Broadway shows, Rockefeller Center and Symphony Hall
to the museum of Natural History and Guggenheim exhibits of arts
From the historic Grand Central Terminal
to the ultra-modern Hudson Yards train station
from the fast world of hustle and bustle
to Central Park haven of tranquility
of green trees, shrubs and grass
to blue sparkling peacful lakes
Manhattan is described as an island
with great famous bridges and tunnels
from George Washington on Hudson river
to the famous Brooklyn bridge
From Lincoln tunnel to Holland tunnel
Manhattan is the land of hundred tongues
of congested streets, subways and yellow taxis
to tourists, visitors and famous United Nations
It all started in about 500 years ago
when explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano
first saw the fishermen Lenape Natives in their boats
Manhattan changed hands from the Dutch to the English
from the fur trading companies, to the ugly trading slaves
The Wall Street is as old as the city itself
The nerve center of the financial world
Manhattan is a legend known by the Empire State
The New York City many counties
Manhattan, Manhattan here we come
For the jubliant New Year Celebration
For the cheers at Union Square counting of the dropping ball
The fireworks, the extravaganza, the whistles and the crowds
Of the excitement and the birth of a new year
Not forget also the Macy`s colorful Thanksgiving parade

by Sherif Monem

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