Oh Moon, Oh Gentle Vision...

Poem By Hilda Bristow

Oh moon, oh gentle vision
White robed in purity
Is there one among your children
Who shines up there for me

Is there one who hears my wishes
Who watches when I stray
One tiny ray of silver light
To guard me night and day

Tell me, sweet lady of the sky
Which one may I call mine
Which one shall know my secret heart
Which one for me will shine

Ah, Lady Moon, look down I pray
And hear my humble plea
Is there one among your children
Who shines up there for me

(My father found this poem when he went through my mother's papers recently - Sally Clarke)

Comments about Oh Moon, Oh Gentle Vision...

Another little masterpiece. I'm glad that your father found it, even more pleased that you put it here for us.
This, although it clashes with my belief that it is a He-Moon, a beautiful poem. I like the author. H
Beautiful emotions very beautifully penned down.

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