(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Seeking Spiritual Direction

Seeking Spiritual Direction

I sometimes find it hard to tell
If I am on the road to hell.
One day I went to see a priest;
He said I was a filthy beast;
So then I saw a minister,
Who looked to me quite sinister;
He said, “You Catholics-you're all jerks,
Believing that you’re saved by works! '
So then I saw a rabbi Jew,
Who said in hell there's only few,
And most of them are priests and Arabs;
Folks like us will be like cherubs.
Next I saw a psychiatrist;
“There is no sin! ” he said, quite pissed;
“It’s all a myth, all superstition,
Giving priests more ammunition! ”
And then I went to my friend Mike
Who said, 'Do not believe that Kike,
That bigot, or that stupid priest,
Or that deranged and godless psych.'
He then said, 'I assure you, friend,
That God is good, He'd never send
A soul to hell who sought to love
His neighbor and the Lord above.'
I felt relieved… until at least
He said, 'Now see a different priest.'

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What a super write Herbert, I loved it, it really was a pleasure to read, and so beautifully woven together. A very excellent storyline, memories can always stir the heart and mind, and this certainly did that. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX