Oh My Beloved Land

Beyond the wide horizon
Lies my home, my country
Of precious rainforests and peaceful woods;
Of portrait landscapes and productive gardens,
Oh My Beloved Land.

Beyond the crystal ocean
Lies my home, my island
Of sandy beaches and scenic waterfalls;
Of stunning volcanoes and shimmering lakes,
Oh My Beautiful Land.

Beyond the blue skies
Lies my home, my heritage
Of tropical wildlife and treasured species;
Of tremendous marine-life and terrific creatures,
Oh My Bountiful Land.

Beyond the foamy clouds
Lies my home, my sovereignty
Of friendly people and family communities;
Of children’s fruitful laughter and faithful societies,
Oh My Blissful Land.

Beyond the smoggy fog
Enters the foreign hands
Of depletion, degradation and immense destruction;
Of deforestation, depression and intense demoralization,
Oh My Besieged Land.

Beyond the hazy mist
Enters the alien hands
Of conflict, constraint and extreme contamination;
Of consumption, confiscation and endless consequences,
Oh My Bereaved Land.

by Telstar Jimmy

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