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Oh My Dream Go Away......

I dreamt of you so much and that's enough for time being
and let me have your reality that will play in my heart tenderly
I am already late to embrace your arms around me
and to give my body for physical sentimental touch
All these days I kept my thoughts positive move
because I want my dream come true one day.
The days have come now that I want to be near you
There is a place for us where we stay in chosen path
Sometimes the paths are long, short and rough
but always end as a beautiful world for us
I want to see your charming beauty in the moon light
and I want my nights to cover with silky clouds
Let my loneliness go away while I step into your world
and let those music play melodies while you hug me
Let your arms around my shoulder with your finger touch
and let our dance roll on the floor with passionate love
Let your lips lock my lips with your inner feelings
and let your heat burn my thrust for move love
Oh my dream go away and bring me reality with love

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