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Oh My Friend, Today I Saw Poetry…

I saw a dear friend’s invitation,
I saw words like Christmas lights,
I saw a contest to complete her,
I saw me smiling at the sight.

I saw the love for God in Heaven,
I saw the praises to his son,
I saw the applause of yellow clapping,
I saw poets being one.

I saw poetry and heaven,
I saw hope in life renewed,
I saw an Alabama talent,
I saw phrases freely strewn.

I saw sadness and some laughter,
I saw anger and some pain,
I saw poetry in motion,
I saw poets never wane.

I saw poetry and poets.
I saw all the talent here,
I saw different forms just written,
I saw metered rhyming cheered.

I saw the future of our country,
I saw it shining here in words,
I saw the promise of his coming,
I saw poets free as birds.

by Sandra Osborne

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its lovely, loved the repitition of lines I did create an impact! Preets