Oh, My Gosh! Oh, My Gosh! Oh, My Gosh! (A Poem About Jennifer!)

Oh, my! That kiss! And just for me! How cute, how sweet, how quaint!
I'm kinda lost... pure ecstasy! I hope that I don't faint!
Oh, gosh! One more! Upon my lips! Must be my lucky day!
Oh, wow! A third! My heartbeat dips - it almost slipped away!
Please stop! No more! Oh, not again! Four times? Don't make it five!
I'm not as strong as other men! I don't think I'd survive!
Good gracious, girl! I'm not that cute! Five kisses in a row?
I think it's time for you to scoot! One kiss before you go?
Did I kiss back? Confession time! Jennifer! Je t'adore!
Exquisite kisses, so sublime! Addicted now for sure!
Now I see why! It's kinda nice! It's awesome, don't you think?
It kinda takes you by surprise to find two hearts in sync!
Why did we wait so long, my dear? Why were we so reserved?
Thank God, at last we've lost our fear and got what we deserved!
Such tenderness! Such happiness! Such are the joys of life!
I've got to ask you now I guess... Erm, will you be my wife?

Denis Martindale, copyright, October 2003.

by Denis Martindale

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