Oh My Lord

Its roaring in ma heart
Can't explain how it's
no action to express and explain
No notes to play

It's vibrant through my heart
My brain is load n with a huge
I back to you Lord from hidden doors
I need you Lord and save me safe.

I hope you Lord that you need me more
So I choose you Lord; let you lead me
I say sorry to you for my naughty pits
I trust you Lord that you heal me now.

I'm ready to walk on your way
I know no time to waste on earth
Give me your cross for more strength
And make me your child, Oh my Lord! ! !

by Manju Mariam Behanan

Comments (2)

it is roaring in me without an explanation...... a real feeling which overcomes us sometimes.. thank you for this poem.. tony
A nice poetic imagination, Manju. You may like to read my ars poetica named as (Poetic Sense-1) Thanks