Oh Nigeria

Oh Nigeria,
a FIFTY-SEVEN years old,
that still behaves like a toddler.

Oh Nigeria,
whose leaves and fruits were rotten and old,
and all recent leaders are babblers,

Oh Nigeria,
living on a rusting rails and calls it gold,
the youths engage incyber crimes and call themselves ballers,

Oh Nigeria,
whose agonies and trasgression have been unfold,
her innocent people are murdered and withers,

Oh Nigeria,
whose peaceful white has been stained and soiled,
and the waving greenhas been slayed by the slayers.

Adeyanju EbeneZers O.

#neZer #HappyIndePENdence #Nigeria #9ja4Life #neZerPen #GodBlessNigeria

by Ebenezer Adeyanju

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