Oh Night

Sly is the night
As it slips down over our heads
Awful and beautiful as it is.
It has come roaring down
like a thousand hoofbeats in the distance
for many a million years;
Oh Night . . .
You have taught me
You have drug me to you
And kept me embraced
until we became akin.
Scary and wonderful
with all the secrets of the world.
You hover above me
like the gentle flapping
of a thousand wings . . .
And soar me to places
many are afraid to go.
You have shown me how to see in darkness
Things people don't even see in the light.
You have given to me a peace
Instilled deep within my soul.
Oh Night . . .
Awesome in your majesty . . .
Thank you,
for being my friend.

by Jan Zimmerman

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