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Oh Night

O, Night! How I love thy thunderous silence
And thy busy stillness.
I lurk in your darkest corners
And run in your brightest fields.
I roam in your shadows ever moving.
How I change with the ever waning moon.
O, Night! How you cause things of fear and the wonderment,
And love, bright and budding under moonlit sky.
Your ebony thickness scares me,
But brings an excitable chill.
I bask in your dotted starlight
And Dream of nights long past.
O, Night! I find your pictures entrancing.
I search for the Hunter, and Great and Little Bears,
And provide their stories once told.
I bring stories to life
Of pictures not known,
And share in their everlasting glory.
O, Night! Your love and fear, silence and stillness.
Nothing is like Night.
No story, no creature,
Known or unknown,
Seen or unseen,
Is quite as remarkable as NIGHT.

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