DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Oh No Look At This World

Oh no look at this world,
Kids killing kids, “I hope their parents are proud
Well pull your head out the ground and you will find
This is a problem but your ignorance is the crime, it’s rife
Yes it’s hard with their smart mouths and killing stares
Have you made it easier or harder for them to build a life?
But yet you’ll sit and talk about when you where kids, then compare

People wake up;
Life is different and your babies are wondering this town
But, oh no it can’t be your child tormenting the world,
Cos you share smiles and he’s pleasant at home,
She’s like this all the time, never reaches the point of verging crime

On their own way out there, places to go yeah,
There called pavements street corners,
Do you wander what they think?
They only give what they get, hardship rudeness and neglect
Mirrored reflection of what’s going on at home, no
It’s a reflection of what we’ve all become

Can’t find work the kids say, the elders reply.....
When I was your age I’d knock door to door to find a day’s pay
So now listen up old man, if I did that today I’d face arrest straight away!
Then your thoughts would begin, what went wrong with him
He didn’t seem so bad, but now he sitting in a cell all alone
Begging I don’t believe I should be here, I was only trying to find a way
To build myself a throne

Piece of paper the same, on which you right your memoirs,
Stop your kids from moving up from their parent’s station
As they are left to do it all alone, with no help from school society or home
So is it any wonder they become the very thing we ourselves would disown

The question should not be how can we fix,
It should be how did we come to be like this
You me them us and the kids,
No family is close, parents out of touch to old
So the kids sit at home or on the streets alone,
As out there it’s not so cold

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Pablo Neruda

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